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What is Connect 2020?

Ten weeks of construction will reduce Link light rail service beginning Jan. 4. The Connect 2020 project builds new light rail tracks connecting Seattle to the Eastside. Learn more about the overall Connect 2020 project on

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What you need to know

Allow for more time

Animation - Allow for more time
  • Four-car trains arrive every 13-15 minutes during all service hours.
  • Real-time arrival information will not be available.
  • Pioneer Square is the last stop for both north- and southbound trains.
  • Change trains to continue past Pioneer Square.

Follow the new signs

Animation - Follow the new signs
  • Trains may use different platforms. New signs point you in the right direction.
  • Staff are available to help.

Spread out to avoid overcrowding

Animation - Spread out to avoid overcrowding
  • Four-car trains use the full platform length.
  • Expect significant crowding during peak hours.
  • Pro tip: the first and fourth train cars are usually the least crowded.

Allow for priority seating and boarding

Animation - Allow for priority seating and boarding
  • Allow seniors and riders with disabilities to board first and take seats. Be prepared to stand.
  • If able, take the stairs and leave escalators and elevators for those needing them.

Change trains at Pioneer Square

Transfer trains at Pioneer Square

Animation - Transfer trains at Pioneer Square
  • During construction, Link light rail operates as two lines: Angle Lake-Pioneer Square and UW-Pioneer Square.
  • To continue past Pioneer Square, exit the train through the inner doors to transfer across the temporary center platform.
  • To exit at Pioneer Square, use the outer doors facing the permanent platform.


Watch for weekend tunnel closures

Animation - Watch for weekend tunnel closures
  • Link shuttle buses will replace trains between Capitol Hill and SODO starting Friday, Feb. 7 at 9 p.m. through Sunday, Feb. 9 and the weekend of Mar. 14-15. Closure dates and times depend on construction progress and may change.
  • Shuttle buses depart every 7 minutes during normal Link service hours.
  • During weekend closures, no tickets or ORCA cards are required on Link or the Link shuttle buses.
  • Trains run from UW-Capitol Hill and Angle Lake-SODO only.
  • Subscribe to email or text Link light rail alerts to stay up to date about the weekend closures.
Link shuttle bus map - during weekend closures, bus shuttles will connect riders between SODO and Capitol Hill
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Where do I catch the bus at each station?


Making connections

Animation - Making connections

During construction you may want to choose different ways of connecting from Link to Sounder or the ferry. Below are some options.


No bikes at Pioneer Square Station

Animation - No bikes at Pioneer Square station
Bicylce detour map - Take protected bike lanes on 5th Avenue, South Main Street, and 2nd Avenue between International District Chinatown and Westlake stations
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Accessibility and mobility first

Animation - Accessibility and mobility first
  • Those who cannot use stairs have priority on elevators and escalators.
  • Staff will ask riders to be courteous and yield their seats.
  • For more information, call: 1-800-201-4900, TTY Relay 711, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.